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During the Hunter and Gatherer period, Hunters are often regarded as more superior as they need far more strength , dexterity and stamina in order to provide a successful hunt. These traits such as spear, disc and rocks throwing became a test to prove the best among tribes or clansmen . When the Olympic Sports started in 776 BC, all the hunters’ activities were part of the competition which then also includes running, wrestling, jumping and chariot racing . Fast forward to modernized society , our Olympics or other competitive sports still echo some of the past favourites while adding more games to suit the needs of the ever evolving future

History of Football
The most popular sport in human history has to be Football (please don’t mistaken it for american football) where 11 players versus 11 players battle it out on a field to score as many goals as possible . Reasonably simply objective yet this game can break or bring a country together. The complex strategy of attacks and defense within a certain time frame and certain rules made football where it is today. As to who invented football, was it the ancient Chinese , Romans , Greeks or even speculation on Native Americans were debated but it’s not hard to invent a game kicking a sphere around, the beauty lies on how to play it well. T9play.com offers international betting based on popular games such as

Premier League , Serie A , Bundesliga , La Liga , France Ligue 1 , UEFA Championship League Cup , UEFA European Football , EFL Championship and of course World Cup.
Ever since betting began, players will bet on almost anything and everything they can think of, from as complex as some algorithms at some stocks market down to the simplest bet on howmany leaves are in that tree. It's not difficult to create a game called Over or Under where players now just need to be the final score of a certain match or competition to be either over the score, or under the score. It’s that easy to win at T9play.com
Handicap gaming is very popular in Asian countries especially when it comes to Football when one team is stronger than the other, we give handicaps to players to even the betting odds .Weaker teams will have more handicap given and in the event of sometimes the stronger team winning , players will still walk away with money due to the handicap system in place.T9plays.com offers Handicap betting from games such as football,soccer,basketball,badminton and many others.
T9play.com offers an interesting game called Parlay which players now can pick a few to many games to predict their wins (or tie) and this will cumulatively exponentiate the winnings .Players can choose between a football game
winners match with a basketball game winner to achieve a better winning ratio.
Live betting
Live betting is when the game is on, and players can still bet on things like fastest scoring , first foul, offsides and many more. This Live betting offers a chance to win money even before the game is over and thus providing more satisfaction to players watching . The list of bets and odds will actively changes as the game changes so most players will lock down their Live Betting odds way ahead to ensure the odds are at their most rewarding point

Electronic sports first gain traction with arcade machines all over the world and some games are more popular than others but nobody can determine who’s the best until the first competitive arcade games competition was held with Space Invaders back in 1978. Then came the game console such as ATARI and later the revolutionary personal computers emerged where everyone can comfortably play games at the comfort of their home. But it was the Internet that gave birth to Esports by connecting multiplayers all around the world into their games. Players now represent their country and battle it all to be crown champion. Dota2 and League of Legends are the two popular Esports that can garner millions in prize money.