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History of slot
Slot machine goes by a few popular names depending on where players reside, some called it one-arm-bandit , some slot machine or even tiger machine but the origins of slot came from Brooklyn , New york by Sittman and Pitt during the 1891 for Saloons . The automation allows Players to use their existing coins which is usually a nickel (at that time) to indulge in a game of luck without the use of a dealer . Highly popular back in the days for its simplicity and fortunately for players today, the slot legacy last.

Free Spins
Exactly like the description, Free Spins will be given to players based on what game they first join. Sometimes during their initial deposit with T9play.com or adjusted according to the duration the players spent on playing. The more they play the games inside T9play.com, the more they will earn this Free spins. T9play.com expresses their gratitude by rewarding loyal customers.

Progressive Jackpot
With its Lineage to Slot machine , Progressive Jackpot is when players purchase additional chances to win a bigger value which is the jackpot . Different places will have different progressive jackpot as each player that didn’t win a small amount will be allocated to the jackpot making the sum very attractive . Some Casinos will have luxury items or branded products as their jackpot , namely prestigious cars, luxury watches or even high valued properties to attract players to enter this game of chance .
Bonus Scatters
Bonus Scatter is no stranger to most slot machine players as it will seek out machines that have it to play. It gives all players added advantage when they unlock bonus scatter whilst doing their normal slot play. This bonus varies from machine to machine but ultimately what they offer, is more wins and coins back to players . When a player wins bonus scatters, they could be winning 5 free games of maximized coins and 100% win rate or they will have a chance to win the jackpot that has steadily grown. T9play.com now offers Bonus scatters to allSlot machine enthusiast to have a chance for winning.