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History of dice
Even before dice were created, humans would use bones and number them for their gambling satisfaction and eventually evolved into the modern Dice we see today. Each Dice has a number starting from 1 to 6 and players or gamers will throw them to see which face of the dice they land on thus deciding the winner .

History of playing cards
The Origin of Cards we thought to be from Asia but scholars argued it could be from Europea but whoever invented them, they have our deepest gratitude for giving us endless pleasure with them. The versatility of cards gave birth to so many games such as Blackjack , Poker , Baccarat , BIG 2 and many more. Every festivus season we will see families or friends gather to gamble and it almost definitely involves Cards

History of Roulette
Besides giving us Baguette and Croissant , French gave us one very important person, Blaise Pascal , a french genius that excel in mathematics , physics and literature also happens to be the inventor of the roulette game. A game that at every casino you’ll find players packing the table trying to bet on their favourite numbers. Game is relatively simple ,Table with a revolving wheel that has numbers spins in one direction, a ball will spin in the other direction and when the centrifugal force slows, the ball will stop at 1 number (or a color) hence the player that bets that number, Wins .
History of Sic bo
Pertaining to the creation of Dice, Sic Bo is ancient China ’s Dice game of betting on Big or Small using only 3 dice but over the centuries has evolved and branched out to many variations with bets such as Odd, Even, Triplets, Specific doubles, Three Dice total of a certain numbers and a few more. This game is also widely popular to casino goers as it can be a very simple game to bet or if any players wanted to make it more complex , will be rewarded with a higher winning ratio than the default 1:1.

History of black jack
Some believe that Romans invented the game Blackjack , of course named differently that time and made its way around other countries . We have other theories on French colonists popularizing this game in America but whatever the reasons, we are glad that Blackjack is such a popular game in and out of casinos . We with a deck of 52 cards can start blackjack with our friends.