How to Join T9play Affiliate Program?

We are excited to invite you to join our signature affiliate program that offers you an opportunity to generate significant revenue promoting our brand and its one of the most reliable ways to create financial freedom in the 21st century. Each member with valid ID registered with T9play is eligible to this partnership program. You are required to fulfil the requirement below:

 • Affiliated must be T9play verified & active member.
 • Required to register an application with all necessary details to T9play representatives.
 • At least a minimum of (5) five deposit and MYR 1000 real bets betting.

You will be contacted by our Affiliate Managers within (3) three working days of applying for the approval of the application. This new Affiliate ID is now your unique identity, and every successful recruited member join through your Affiliate ID link, The Company shall reward you for your entitlement in percentage of net profit you generate for us.

Commission Revenue

Positive revenue will be computed as below:

Total Member Loss (MYR) Total Active Player Commission Rate
1 - 10,000 < 5 active players 10%
10,001 - 30,000 >= 8 active players 15%
30,001 & above >= 15 active players 20%

-Take note that 4D lottery is not included in the commission plan shared in the above table and will not be taken into account.

-All affiliates are subjected to a promotion/rebate cost incurred during member acquisition. The cost will be deducted from the revenue by end of month.

Members total revenue MYR 8000
Members total bonus accumulated MYR 1500
Commission rate 10%
MYR 8000 – MYR 1500 = MYR 6500 x 10% = MYR 650 commission

Members total revenue MYR 33000
Members total bonus accumulated MYR 5000
Commission rate 20%
MYR 33000 – MYR 5000 = MYR 28000 x 20% = MYR 5600 commission

Commission Payment Method

Your commission will be paid using the following procedures:
 • All referral Commission Payments will be due and paid in MYR currency only.
 • The commission will be computed once in a month and will release within 3rd – 6th of the month.
 • The commission will be deposited into your designated bank account within 3 working days after the withdrawal is submitted.
 • T9play retain the right to alter or amend and/ or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.
 • T9play reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliates performance does not meet our
  expected quotas at a given period.

Developing your T9play affiliate program by making money online

Here at T9play, We welcome Bloggers, YouTubers, Vloggers, and other creatives who want to use our affiliate marketing program to make money. The primary method for making profit using our affiliate program is creating creative content that targeting online casino players.

- Market using your T9play URL links to our website.
- Creating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, microblogging, forums and websites marketing.
- Creating pop-up ads, banners, simple text links, and other methods to direct new member to your affiliate link.
- WhatsApp, Wechat, Telegram, SMS and Email blasting.